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On behalf of the Leadership of Community Christian let me start by saying thanks to all of you for your continued support, prayers, and love for one another. We have been planning what the next stage looks like for us to begin gathering together in person. Since the Governor has lifted the restrictions on churches gathering in person we have arranged for the following measures as we begin meeting.

While we are excited to be back together in the same place to worship the setup will look a little different for now.  This is a great time for us to display love and grace in these unusual circumstances.  Here’s what you need to know.


Before You Arrive 

  1. Facebook Live - First things first.  We will continue to offer our services on Facebook Live and our website (as well as the sermon audio on our website to download after the service).  If you are feeling ill at all we encourage you to continue to utilize technology and keep social distancing.  If you are not ill, but are uncomfortable with in person meetings (due to age, conditions that put you at greater risk, or any other caution), we strongly encourage you to use Facebook Live.  

  2. Services - At this time we will not be having nursery during worship.  Our Wednesday night activities usually let out for the summer so that is not an issue, but Sunday School classes should continue to meet online.

  3. Masks - Masks will not be required or provided.  This is where the love-and-grace especially become obvious.  Please do not make someone else uncomfortable for their choice to wear one or their choice not to.


When You Come In

  1. Please enter and exit through the double doors by the office (far right if you’re in the parking lot, facing the building).  This will limit traffic in the rest of the building and simplify the cleaning process.

  2. Seating - You may notice that your favorite spot on your favorite row is roped off.  Sorry about that.  We will be roping off every other row to maintain distance.  The general rule is if you live together/ ride together you may sit together.  In fact, if you rode together please do your best to sit together to leave seating available for others.  If we reach capacity with pews roped off we will utilize the ARK for additional seating.

  3. Fellowship - Since outdoor activities are less prone to spreading the virus, we encourage anyone who wants to chat to do so outside before the service.  At the end of the service, rows will be dismissed one at a time as often happens at weddings or funerals.  Please exit the building and, if you want to stand and talk to someone, be sure you are clear of the doors so that others do not have to walk through your conversation.


Elements of the Service

  1. Communion - So that we are not passing trays, you will receive the emblems as you arrive.  Please take them to your seat and we will take them together during the service when prompted.

  2. Offering - We have several ways to give.  Again, so that we are not passing trays, a tray will be available at the door for you to leave your offering as you enter or exit.  You can also mail a check to the church, give with through our website, or deposit a check at Banterra bank.


If you have any questions please contact John, Gary, or myself. We are trying to keep everyone informed.

Do Good,