Community christian Church

1150 Country Club Rd
Metropolis, IL 62960
Tel:  618-524-8694
Welcome Back Everyone!
Sunday Worship Service   10 am
Sunday Evening Bible Study   6 pm
If you need to contact us, you can call the Church office at 618-524-8694.
You can also email or
We are here to help and serve our Community in any way we can.

On behalf of the Leadership of Community Christian let me start by saying thanks to all of you for your continued support, prayers, and love for one another. We have been planning what the next stage looks like for us:

We're currently encouraging everyone to join us online rather than in person. We're thankful for the safety we've been able to practice in meeting, but the cases are rising locally. The decision is made not in fear of the illness, but in a desire to protect our healthcare system locally. At this time we cannot afford to spread anything that might tie up hospital resources, let alone COVID.

We'll begin streaming a few minutes before 10 to give time to find the Live Feed. Be sure to like our church page to find it faster as well.

If you have any questions please contact John, Gary, or myself. We are trying to keep everyone informed.


Do Good,