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We know Jesus came to earth with purpose. He came to die for the sins of humanity. Had He not suffered the death of the cross there would have been no payment for sin. Had He not died we would not have been offered life. However, His death was not the end of the story. In fact, had His death been the end we would have no hope today. Had Jesus not risen from the grave, He would’ve been like all other men. His resurrection sets Him apart from all who came before Him. His resurrection is the source and assurance of our hope! Because He lives, those who belong to Him are promised life eternal in Him. Let’s not forget that hope rose with the dawn!  We find the women came very early on Sunday morning to the sepulcher. The other gospels speak of them bringing spices to anoint the body. They were expecting to find the Lord still in the grave. As the women made it to the sepulcher they did not find what they expected. This moment of weeping quickly became a moment of wonder. As they made their way that morning there was a great earthquake. Surely they experienced the earth trembling and shaking as they walked. Upon arriving at the tomb the stone was rolled away from the door. This would’ve created great wonder. The stones were placed at the door to secure the grave from robbers and thieves. Typically a groove was hewn in the entrance of the tomb, and a large, circular rock weighing several tons was rolled in place. They were often sealed with mud or wax as well.

Clearly the women did not possess the ability to move the stone and upon their arrival they realized it was already rolled back from the door. The sepulcher was open when they arrived. This wasn’t done to let Jesus out,but to allow them to view His absence in the tomb.  The guards, no doubt the best Pilate had, were passed out in fear of the angel. He had rolled the stone from the door and was seated upon it. His heavenly countenance shone bright as lighting, clothed in a garment white as snow. This was one of the angelic hosts, the angel of the Lord. This was the moment of triumph for Christ and the angel of the Lord had come to share the good news of the resurrection with the women. Christ had risen victorious and God sent a messenger of truth!  Really the absence of Christ in the tomb should’ve been no surprise to the women, but they came fully expecting His lifeless body to have remained there. The angel confirms he knew they sought Jesus who was crucified, but He had risen from the dead just as He said He would. They were invited to examine the sepulcher and see the place where Jesus had lain. He was no longer there. He had tasted death, but rose in victory! With His resurrection, hope was resurrected as well for humanity.

That is the glorious message of Easter. Jesus died for the sin of the world, but the grave couldn’t hold Him. He willingly laid down His life for our sin, but He rose triumphant over sin, death, and hell. We have hope and assurance today because He lives! Here, at the tomb, they discovered hope was not lost. They would see Christ again.

The question I want to leave with you is: “Have you had that experience with Jesus?” 

Preacher Mike 

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